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A growing treasure trove of books written for children aged four to eight. Richly layered bedtime stories that are full of adventure, mystery and fun. Filled with a lovable and unusual case of characters displaying emotional depth and compassion.

Throughout the collection you'll meet Barney, a tiny black kitty with a bright red race car and his unlikely group of playmates. Facing many challenges, they discover working together makes life's toughest tests a little easier and a lot more fun!

-Noni Morton

I would like to invite any and all Barney Tales fans to download, “It’s All About Bees”. While not part of the Barney Tales Series, it is part of the collection.

A stand-alone story about Zikes, a drone that wants nothing more than to be a worker bee. Zikes meets Barney and Beebee and as always, embarks on an adventure filled day. Along the way, you’ll learn many fun facts about bees and the mysterious lives they live.

A special thanks to Amanda Freemantle for her superb artwork. Amanda is a student at Humboldt State University and a career team member at Barney Tales.

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“My grandson loves this book. It’s his favorite now.”

– Skip Williams, Grandpop

“These are the cutest stories I’ve read in a long time. I just love them.”

– Sue Eversole, Retired School Teacher

“My granddaughter wants me to read it over and over again.”

– PJ LeBlanc, Grandma

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Sometimes life can be overwhelming.

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The Barney Tales Collection is a series of books each touching on various parenting subjects. They teach children from a child’s point of view about being a good steward to yourself and others and the environment around you. A deeply thoughtful approach on the aspects of learning tolerance, empathy, compassion and just some straight forward common sense.

Barney Tales is dedicated to helping children become aware of personal and social skills through traditional bedtime storytelling, providing parents with books that span a sphere of circumstances and challenges associated with growing up.

Come enjoy the journey of learning through a child’s perspective, but be prepared to find yourself emotionally attached to the lovable characters and their sometimes hilarious situations.

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