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Is going back to the classics a bad thing?

I’ve written dozens of books for my grandchildren. I’m now working on publishing them. When I read what is currently on the top seller list, I find that I am not fitting the mold. However, when I review the classics, I find several books that I loved as a child that are still relevant today. My books tend to reflect the older, classic style. So I ask myself, “Is this a bad thing?”

Tradition is something I feel is being lost at an alarming rate, in many parts of our lives. I also feel that by losing that tradition, we also lose wisdom. We learn as individuals my making mistakes. We retain those lessons as a society, by retaining the sum of those mistakes.

So why not bring traditional storytelling back to the bedtime story? Most of us enjoy an ongoing saga. The episodes of a television show we can’t wait to come out next week. We quench that thirst with binge watching when we can, thanks to things like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Barney Tales is a collection of stories, tailored to the thirst to find out what happens next. My grandchildren have grown up anticipating the next story. They have also incorporated skills they learned in the stories.

I admit my stories don’t fit into the newer genres of children’s books, but I stand by the idea that children still have the want and need for the classic style.

I’m hoping you will too.