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Is going back to the classics a bad thing?

I’ve written dozens of books for my grandchildren. I’m now working on publishing them. When I read what is currently on the top seller list, I find that I am not fitting the mold. However, when I review the classics, I find several books that I loved as a child that are still relevant today. My books tend to reflect the older, classic style. So I ask myself, “Is this a bad thing?”

Tradition is something I feel is being lost at an alarming rate, in many parts of our lives. I also feel that by losing that tradition, we also lose wisdom. We learn as individuals my making mistakes. We retain those lessons as a society, by retaining the sum of those mistakes.

So why not bring traditional storytelling back to the bedtime story? Most of us enjoy an ongoing saga. The episodes of a television show we can’t wait to come out next week. We quench that thirst with binge watching when we can, thanks to things like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Barney Tales is a collection of stories, tailored to the thirst to find out what happens next. My grandchildren have grown up anticipating the next story. They have also incorporated skills they learned in the stories.

I admit my stories don’t fit into the newer genres of children’s books, but I stand by the idea that children still have the want and need for the classic style.

I’m hoping you will too.

Noni’s views

Happy Holidays Everyone, I’m beginning my new blog to fill you in on what’s happening in the world of Barney and his friends and to offer some thoughts on kids growing and learning. You’ve been loyal friends on my other media outlets, I’m hoping you will find my blog interesting and helpful.

To start, we are feverishly working to complete the final books of the ten part series. As it stands now, the full series will be available Fall 2018! Exciting news for us and I’m hoping exciting news for you too.

The series will take the children through day to day living and learning. Each story encapsulates one day of exploring, problem solving, and learning how to be a good citizen. The books are fun, intelligent reading with full color vibrant illustrations to help them follow along.

Tackling many subjects, Barney Tales teaches children to be patient, brave, compassionate and understanding. But life isn’t all about learning lessons. The characters are lovable friends your kids will come to love.

Growing up isn’t easy. We hope these books can help your children understand the value in being honest, having empathy, accepting our differences and living by the golden rule.


Barney and Noni in the News!

From the Mad River Union  on Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Mad River Union

Three Days of Cars, Cars and More Cars on Main Street in Fortuna!

Meet Author Noni Morton, guest of Gary Crivello’s Cars, at the 26th Annual Fortuna Redwood AutoXpo 2016 • July 22, 23 & 24.

Barney and his red race car are the stars in her book, Barney Meets BeeBee. The children’s book and Barney Tales T-shirts will be available for purchase. Noni will be sharing her booth with Linda Thompson of Gold Country Embroidery.

Experience this great family event and enjoy the Cruise, the Swap Meet, the Artisans Faire. Check out the Judged Car Show, the Show & Shine Vintage and Exotic event, the Antique Show and the Antique Farm Equipment. The Poker Run! Tractor Pulls! Burnout Contest! Sock Hop! Step right up, folks, for the biggest, baddest, most colorful and chromiest event in Fortuna.

Sunny Fortuna is located on the beautiful and rugged North Coast of California. Fortuna is the jewel in the Eel River Valley, and the Redwood AutoXpo is Fortuna’s biggest and most well-attended event of the season. Admission FREE except for the Sock Hop which is $5.00.

Fortuna Auto Expo

Reading at the Blue Lake School – May 24th

Noni will be reading Barney Meets BeeBee for an assembly at the Blue Lake Elementary School on Tuesday, May 24th at 9 am. Grades K-4 will be in attendance with 80 kids participating.

Blue Lake School

See Noni at the Bee Fest on Saturday May 7th

Noni will be making a special appearance at the Humboldt County Bee Fest on Saturday, May 7th at 2:00 pm. She will be reading Barney Meets BeeBee and has also written a special story about bees and pollination just for this event.

Meet Noni at the Kid Zone and enter the drawing to win a book!

The Bee Fest is at the Bayside Grange, 2297 Jacoby Creek Road in Bayside, California on Friday, May 6th and Saturday, May 7th. The Bee Festival’s theme this year is “A Taste of Honey” and will feature lectures, a film, marketplace and honey tasting, art exhibit and contest, live music, a Kid Zone and food workshops. Go to: for more information.


Noni visits Laurel Tree Charter School in Arcata, CA

Noni was a special guest on Wednesday, April 6th at the Laurel Tree Charter School. Students from primary grades listened intently to Barney Meets BeeBee and asked many questions about cats and where Elmer went! Noni will be back in the fall to read the next book in the series, Bear’s Pond, coming out this summer.


Noni reads to students at Laurel Tree



Laurel Tree students love their new Barney Meets BeeBee books.

2016 SCBWI Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Conference
2016 SCBWI Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Conference

Noni attended the Annual Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) in New York City on February 12th through 14th. SCBWI is the premier organization for authors of children’s literature that offers creative inspiration, opportunities for learning how to navigate the maze of maintaining a successful writing career and also provides a social platform to meet other authors, agents and publishers that can mentor in mastering the craft.


Prospect Elementary School, Salamanca, NY


Noni Morton Reads Barney Tales
“Barney Meets BeeBee”
at Prospect Elementary School in Salamanca, NY