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Happy Holidays Everyone, I’m beginning my new blog to fill you in on what’s happening in the world of Barney and his friends and to offer some thoughts on kids growing and learning. You’ve been loyal friends on my other media outlets, I’m hoping you will find my blog interesting and helpful.

To start, we are feverishly working to complete the final books of the ten part series. As it stands now, the full series will be available Fall 2018! Exciting news for us and I’m hoping exciting news for you too.

The series will take the children through day to day living and learning. Each story encapsulates one day of exploring, problem solving, and learning how to be a good citizen. The books are fun, intelligent reading with full color vibrant illustrations to help them follow along.

Tackling many subjects, Barney Tales teaches children to be patient, brave, compassionate and understanding. But life isn’t all about learning lessons. The characters are lovable friends your kids will come to love.

Growing up isn’t easy. We hope these books can help your children understand the value in being honest, having empathy, accepting our differences and living by the golden rule.